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Fleximark Getting Started Guide

Fleximark from LAPP is a simple marking system for individual wires and cables.

The software is free and the labels can be printed using most standard office laser printers. This means there is no expensive upfront setup cost and you are not locked into purchasing any expensive ongoing printing consumables.

The software can be downloaded from the *Fleximark Website*

Make sure you download the light version which is free and has no expiry date. It has as similar feel to Microsoft Excel and you can paste your excel lists directly into the software.

To help you get started with the software at ECS we have made this short getting started guide which we recommend you have a read through.
Fleximark Getting Started Guide for Version 11

We also have some sample files using the most common labels we sell in New Zealand. These will help you with the layout, you just need to add your own label information...

LCK Wrap Arounds
Download the LCK 35 Project
Download the LCK 40 Project
Download the LCK 45 Project

PT Collars (Partex / Graphoplast Type)
Download the PT Collars Project

FlexiPrint Example
Download the FlexiPrint Project

Label Holders
Download the 35mm Length Project
Download the 70mm Length Project




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