The segment

The segments attached to the steel blade or support are made of diamonds and their adhesive agent (metal powder). This compound needs to be coordinated with the particular features of the materials to be processed. Depending on the type, the segments are laser welded or sintered onto the body. As is well known, diamonds are one of the hardest materials around and they do the actual work when cutting or drilling.


Materials used today are required to be highly energy efficient. They not only need to provide a high level of thermal insulation, be breathable and flame-resistant, but must also be resistant to mould and provide excellent sound insulation. This increases the demands made of the tools to be used.


This increases the demands made of the tools to be used. And that is precisely where we come into play! We have compiled a product range of diamond tools which meets both the requirements of modern materials (e.g. concrete, quality C 20/25, C 25/30) and also those of the used in older buildings (e.g. natural stone).


The Diamond Segments

The diamond segments in our cutting disks and core bits are just one of the advantages you will find in these professional tools which allow the user to attain first class results when carrying out the work required.

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